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Glen Canyon: A Dam, Water and the West DVD
Glen Canyon: A Dam, Water and the West DVD

In an isolated spot on the Utah-Arizona border during the 1950s, the great Western issues of water and progress would play out in dramatic fashion against the timeless flow of the Colorado River.

One of the largest construction projects in human history had begun and the face of the American West would be changed forever. Glen Canyon Dam would create one of the world's largest man-made bodies of water, while at the same time drowning a thousand years of human history...and a million years of natural history. It was the future of the West, a story of winners and losers, of the politics of power, and of the few who stood in the way. Glen Canyon: A Dam, Water, and The West uses archival photographs, film, and interviews with the key players involved in the dam's construction to present a balanced examination of Western progress. The one-hour documentary was produced and directed by Ken Verdoia. Nancy Green served as associate producer.

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