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Red Blood Blue Blood: The Rivalry DVD

Featuring the U of U / BYU rivalry, this DVD is perfect for the avid University of Utah football fan.

Red Blood, Blue Blood: The Rivalry delivers first-hand stories through candid conversations with legendary coaches such as LaVell Edwards and Rond McBride. Broadcasters and writers such as Dick Rosetta, Bill Marcroft, and Paul James share side-splitting anecdotes from behind the scenes.

But the greatest voice comes from the stands - from the men, women, and children who don the Red or Blue as a lifetime commitment and the often hilarious lengths they will go to defend their team.

Price: $19.95

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Battalion DVD
Ken Verdoia's two-hour documentary "BATTALION" uncovers the story of the Mormon Battalion during the War With Mexico. Marching 2,000 miles through the mostly uncharted American Southwest, the 500-man battalion was a pivotal force in fulfilling the national dream of Manifest Destiny. Their experiences, shared in this film through personal correspondence, journals and historical accounts, changed the face and fate of the American West.

Battalion Website


Price: $19.95

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Brigham Young-DVD

Brigham Young-one of the most powerful, compelling, and unique figures of the West-the last American to simultaneously wield the authority of spiritual leader, colonizer, political power broker, and economic master planner.

Price: $24.99

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Butch Cassidy and The Outlaw Trail DVD
What really happened to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? KUED producer John Howe journeys from Utah and Wyoming to Argentina and Bolivia to uncover the real story of the West's most famous outlaws. "BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE OUTLAW TRAIL" reveals important new information about the lives of Butch and Sundance on their Argentina ranch and in South America, and sheds new light on one of the greatest mysteries of the American West made famous in the Paul Newman-Robert Redford movie, "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid."

Butch Cassidy Website


Price: $19.95

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Joe Hill DVD

A 90-Minute Documentary Profiles Labor Leader and Protest Songwriter Joe Hill.

His legal battle was the most controversial of its time, and his death sentence was the subject of protests around the world that even gripped the White House. Before Joe Hill faced the firing squad, his legend had reached near-mythic proportions. His life and his death would challenge the American values of fairness and justice...and would provide a rallying cry for defiant workers for generations to come.

Joe Hill Website

Price: $19.95

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Maynard Dixon-To the Desert Again-DVD

One hundred years ago, a solitary figure roamed the desert seeking to capture the endless sky and towering mesas in paint and poetry. His vision of the West was matchless. Maynard Dixon survived the destruction of San Francisco city by earthquake and fire, the Great Depression and the civilizing of the West. He spent over two decades sketching the West for novels, and then decades more on a quest to find and portray the 'real' West-the vast space, intense silence, and profound spirit of the land and people of the American Desert.

Price: $19.95

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On The Road With J. Golden Kimball

With the Ford's antique engine humming, Kimball embarks on an odyssey into the past, meeting with people throughout rural Utah who share their humorous and touching memories of his great-grand uncle J. Golden Kimball, a General Authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At the same time, Jim Kimball continues the legacy of his uncle by performing some of his best-loved stories before audiences in Logan, Capitol Reef, and St. George.

Price: $19.95

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One Family's War-DVD

Bret Crandall was a typical teenager in Utah's Salt Lake Valley during the 1960s. He loved cars, skiing, spending time with friends and family, and hunting in the fields of Sandy with his dog, Stubby. It was the fields of combat that would eventually take his life.

One Family's War is the simple, eloquent story of the Crandall Family of Sandy, Utah during the Vietnam conflict as told in their own words through audio-cassette recordings shared between parents and son, and augmented by the memories of family members and service buddies.

Price: $19.95

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Promontory DVD

It was predicted to be the biggest event ever to occur in Utah. Leaders proclaimed, “the world is welcome here.” They promised visitors would flow to Utah, admire the people and place, and be drawn back for more. Utah was told the outsiders would bring money, money that would trickle down and touch every household. It was called an opportunity of a lifetime; perhaps the opportunity of a century: to change, and yet somehow remain the same. The year was 1869. The isolation of the nation’s most unique territory was about to end, as men raced from east and west to meet at a place called Promontory.

Promontory Website

Price: $19.95

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Remembering Uncle Golden - DVD

J. Golden Kimball, one of the most colorful LDS General Authorities, peppered his popular sermons with "damn" and "hell," words left over forom his cowboy days. It was his candor and originality, however, that endeared him to Church members and made him a folk hero. Hear some of his best stories in a one-man show performed by his great-grandnephew, Jim Kimball.

Price: $19.95

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